Wednesday, September 16, 2009


1. when filling out your basic information make sure you include as much as possible this includes your name, location, birth date, sex, and so on when doing this it get your page to show up under more searches with in the site.

2. when filling out your about me, movies, music, interest, books, include as much information also so for 1. people can get to know you and hopefully be interested in other things on your page remember the more views you get on anything that has to do with your page earns you more money and 2. this also help get your page to pop up on more searches

3. if you upload photos make a description for them all so people know what they are looking at and it can help catch there attention especially when you make catchy descriptions also upload as many photos as you can cause everyone that gets viewed earns you money remember when uploading photos they should be organized in to separate albums so they don't have to look trough a 100 photos to find 1 and finally don't just put a bunch of random pictures up because it will make people think you just want to get a bunch of views and the goal is to make friends so they keep coming back

4. if you upload videos fallow pretty much the same guidelines as for photos make sure its interesting and has a good description cause one of the goals with videos is to get people to rate them 5 stars so your videos pop up high on the list of videos given when someone searches the videos one of the best things about yuwie is you can put your videos on youtube than post them to yuwie so every time you get a view on yuwie you get a view on youtube and when you get a view on you tube you get a view on yuwie

5. make a blog. blogs are one of the best ways to get views cause every time you update or add a new blog it sends a notice to your friends when creating a blog you want to make it about something you love to write about that way you don't get board with your blog after building it up and so you can get more into what your blogging that way you can take the time to make it good such as make sure its organized like i did above that way the reader doesn't get lost or confused also remember to be very informative in it cause most likely the people you attract are interested in what you have to say and if you don't have any good info then most likely they wont return and they key is to get people to stay interested so that next time you post something they will look at it if you start slacking they will get board with your content and quite visiting your page, blog and so on

6. thanks for reading my blog i hope it was helpful if there is anything else you would like me to cover just leave a comment and i will do my best to help be sure to check back for more tips and other sites you can make money off of thanks for your time
Joe Kolenc

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  1. Very interesting idea.
    Looking forward to more of your ideas.